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Coconut vinegar / cuka kelapa & 3in1 psyllium husk

Coconut vinegar / cuka kelapa & 3in1 psyllium husk
Coconut vinegar / cuka kelapa & 3in1 psyllium husk
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  • Model: Coconut vinegar / cuka kelapa & 3in1 psyllium husk
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Coconut vinegar and cocoa ginger psyllium husk.
Benefits of coconut vinegar 
*fat burning for weight loss
*nutrient absorption 
*blood sugar under control 
*craving (dapat elakkan diri dari terasa nak makan junk food)
*Heart health
*gut health 
*hair health (as  natural conditioner)
*skin care( clean off excess oil & trace dirt make up , can use as natural tonner)
* health boost 
What is the different coconut vinegar and apple cider vinegar?
Both have their own benefit health. Coconut vinegar more minerals and better for restoring mineral balance in the body while apple cider vinegar for digestion with more probiotics and beneficial bacteria. Can combine both for better results.
What is psyllium husk?
Made from grinding up the whole husk of the Plantago plants seeds. It's used as dietary supplement for it higher fibre content to aid digestion. It can be used in gluten-free baking recipes.
Benefits of psyllium husk 
*can help lower blood sugar levels 
*has Probiotics
*alleviates constipation 
*may help with weight loss & satiety 
*can lower cholesterol levels 
*can help treat diarrhea 
*good for your heart
*relieves inflammation in gut.
Benefits of ginger 
*improves blood circulation 
*helps stabilise blood sugar 
*raise body temperature 
*increase metabolism 
*increase satiety 
*suppresses appetite 
*help to avoid binge eating 
*soothes muscle soreness 
*reduce inflammation 
*improves digestion 
*adds fiber to your diet 
*gives you energy to exercise 
*increases gastrointestinal  motility 
*suppresses cortisol and relieves stress.
Benefits of pure cocoa powder 
*lower high blood pressure 
*antioxidant capacity 
*improve brain health 
*treats diabetes 
*relieves bronchial asthma
*speed up healing 
*manage obesity 
*improves cardiovascular health 
*enchances mood 
*treats constipation.
Kata mudah nya inilah penyelesaian untuk perut buncit Dan nak kurus tapi tak rajin nak exercise
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(cuka kelapa + 1 box cocoa ginger psyllium husk) 
1 box. =12 paket (1paket 6gram)