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Model: 3 in 1 chocolate drinks
500g ingredient ( full cream milk powder, sugar, cocoa powder)..
Ex Tax:RM25.00
Model: 60% Dark Orange chocolate 135g
Balance sweetness in 60% Dark Chocolate with dehydrated Orange giving a sensation and refreshing taste. Dark Chocolate good in antioxidants activity to against free radicals especially for healthy heart and now enhance with Vitamin C for better healthy lifestyle.  135g..
Ex Tax:RM25.00
Model: 60%Dark Chocolate
Real dark chocolate . 20 small pack , each pack 5gm...
Ex Tax:RM18.00
Model: 75% dark HOT chocolate
Ingredient- cocoa mass, cocoa butter, organic cane sugar.  5set per box (1 pack 75% dark chocolate and 1 pack milk powder)..
Ex Tax:RM36.00
Model: 75% dark chocolate
20 small pack , 5g per pack..
Ex Tax:RM20.00
Model: 80% Soya Dark Chocolate
Ingredient : organic soy powder, cocoa mass, cocoa    butter, organic cane sugar ...
Ex Tax:RM20.00
Model: 85% Keto dark chocolate 135g
Cocoa mass 85% , lakanto sugar and cocoa butter. Suitable for keto diet..
Ex Tax:RM28.00
Model: cacao husk tea / teh koko
Cacao husk tea has natural sweetness and a heavenly chocolate taste and aroma. health benefits Cacao tea which possesses high anti-oxidant activity could be beneficial in decreasing damage caused by free radicals hat primary cause of oxidactive damage of biological molecules in human body and ..
Ex Tax:RM35.00
Model: Cocoa honey
Ingredients : cocoa pulp, sugar Capacity :250g..
Ex Tax:RM39.00
Model: Dark chocolate spread
Ingredient: real dark chocolate and Virgin coconut oil 200gm per bottle..
Ex Tax:RM25.00
Model: Gluten free brownies
Ingredient -60% Dark chocolate, Eggs, Cream, Cocoa                       Powder, Sea Salt Cocoa Nibs . keep in freeze , before consume oven 5 minutes..
Ex Tax:RM9.90
Model: Set Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang
Ex Tax:RM7.00
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